The kinds of bikes you need to know

Johnny Sport Store: The kinds of bikes you need to know

Transportation is an essential part of your daily life since you need to go places such as the office, gym, school or grocery store. Walking is alright to some extent, but it can be difficult, especially when your destination is far from your origin. Hence, people resort to taking the bus, driving a car, or pedalling a bike.

Bikes are great not only for you but also for the environment. Pedalling for a long time serves as an exercise for your body, specifically the lower body. At the same time, biking does not generate a lot of carbon emissions compared to when you use public and private transportations. With these benefits, you should consider owning a bike, but first, you need to know the different kinds to see what best fits your liking.

The different kinds of bikes

  1. Road bike

From its name, road bikes are best for roads only. It is advisable to not use this kind in off-roads and mountain trails. This is because the shape, form and sizes of its materials are only suitable for racing, competing and sometimes commuting. Its features are the following:

  • Skinny tires
  • High ratio gears (you can adjust the settings and make them light or heavy, depending on your liking)
  • Lightweight
  • Drop handlebars
  1. Touring bikes

For long-distance travelling, touring bikes is the best option for you. Its build resembles that of a road bike, but this kind has attachment ports for your pumps, lights, fenders, racks and water bottles. Aside from that, its form provides you with comfort, especially if you plan to pedal for a long time. With that, here are the features of this bike:

  • Thicker tires than road bikes
  • Attachment ports
  • Can come with a drop handlebar or riser bars
  1. Mountain bikes

You would often see people ride bikes on the steep and rigid trails of mountains. The kind that they have is what you call the mountain bike, which is built for the purpose of off-road and terrain use. Compared to the previous kinds, this bike has a pair of heavy-duty thick tires that will grant you safe riding throughout the day. Aside from that, it has a wide set of gears you can adjust, so you can have control and mobility while riding. On top of that, here are the other features of this bike:

  • Can have suspensions on both the front and back wheels. Sometimes, only the front wheel has a suspension, and this is called the hardtail.
  • Thick tires and frame
  • Flat or upright handlebars
  • Wider and padded saddles for comfort
  1. Folding bikes

Folding bikes are neat because you can fold them into a compact and portable size that can fit anywhere. This is great for people who do not have enough space to store tall and thick bikes like the ones mentioned before. With a folding bike, all you need to do is fold it as told and place it somewhere safe. To give you an idea, here is a detailed description of each feature of this kind.

  • Frame – It has a thin frame, and it can be adjustable depending on your height. Also, this gives you a more upright stance, so your back would not hurt while riding.
  • Wheels – Folding bikes have small wheels, which grant you mobility.
  • Folding – There are different ways to fold your bike, but it is best to follow what the retailer recommends to prevent damages.
  1. Utility bike

Utility bikes appear as the ones with woven baskets at the front and extra seat space at the back. This kind is great for short and moderate speed pedalling, and its build best suits flat urban roads. Almost everyone in the city owns this bike because it makes commuting easier. As such, it is also known as a city bike due to its specific purpose. Likewise, here are its cool features you should check:

  • Less range of gears
  • Lets you sit in an upright position due to the elevated handlebar
  • Thick saddles
  • Thin tires
  • Has a heavy frame
  1. Electric bike

From its name, electric bikes use a battery and quiet motor that assist your rides. This means that it lessens the stress and tension from your legs when you pedal. As such, pedalling on a steep hill is now easier with this kind of technology. Despite their ease and assistance, electric bikes are heavier than other bikes due to the battery. Nevertheless, this kind is great for road and mountain biking. For more information, here are the features of an electric bike:

  • Has a battery that you need to charge
  • Allows you to travel far with less effort spent
  1. BMX

Bicycle Motor Cross, or BMX for short, is the go-to bike of all children. This kind can handle any kind of purpose, whether it may be for racing or chill cruising. Also, you can use this bike for off-road and unpaved roads because of its frame and tire size. Other than that, here are the features you need to know:

  • 20-inch wheels and knobby tires
  • Upright handlebars
  • Light frame
  • Small saddles
  • Rear-hand brakes
  1. Recumbent bikes

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to pedal while you are seated and your back at rest? With a recumbent bike, this can happen! It has a long frame and a thick saddle with a backrest. As such, its provided comfort is what attracts people in buying their own. Although, this is not suitable for hills because your form limits the pedalling. Aside from that, it can have two or three wheels depending on your preference. On top of that, here are the features of this bike:

  • Long saddle with backrest
  • Leg press paddling
  • Side or front handlebars

How to pick the right bike

With the different kinds of bikes, it is quite difficult to choose one. Fret not because here is a guide that will lead you to a final decision for your purchase. Without further ado, below is how to pick the right bike for you.

  1. Think about the purpose of the bike

The kinds of bikes have different purposes, so it is best to start from there. Are you planning to only use your bike for commuting? Do you also want to try riding on mountains and steep hills? Asking yourself these questions will help you arrive at a solid purpose.

  1. Check your budget

You need to have a set budget for your bike. This can eliminate expensive options, which limits you to a more condensed selection. Aside from that, you also need to be aware that owning a bike requires you to buy other accessories. These are important to maintain your bike in its pristine condition.

  1. Your height matters

When you go to cycling stores, you will notice that there are a lot of bikes that look exactly the same. Do not let this fool you because each has different sizes that will fit your body build. As such, the store clerks will assist check your height and recommend sizes. This is important because having the right size provides comfort when pedalling. Likewise, a tall bike will not let you reach the pedals while a short one limits your movement.

  1. Storage

Bikes, in general, are bulky in terms of size. With this said, you need to consider if you have the storage space to keep your purchase. If you happen to live inside a small apartment, your best choice is to own a folding bike since you can store it anywhere you like. On the other hand, if you live in an area that has bicycle parking areas, then you can opt to have the traditional bike. Just make sure that you have locks and alarms to avoid theft.

  1. Know the different parts of a bike

A bike has a lot of parts such as wheels, handlebars and frames. Aside from that, you also need to know the gears and other specifications. With this knowledge, you can adjust these parts to your liking since cycling shops allow you to customize your bike. As such, doing this will let you own the perfect bike that suits all your needs.

  1. Treat your bike as an investment

Your bike is an investment since this will be your mode of transportation and a hobby for a long time. As such, you should not settle for less because there are chances where the parts and gears are cheap. This, in turn, can ruin your experience and discourage you from riding. So, you should treat it as an investment and buy all the necessary additional parts to let your bike last longer.

Now that you know the different kinds of bikes, it is time to head to a cycling shop! At Johnny Sport Store, we can help you select or build the bike you need.

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