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The US President has been accused of racism for using the word “shithole” during a discussion on immigration, according to reports. Mr Trump told lawmakers he will not accept immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and African nations. He said the deal was “the worst ever” and criticised Democrats for being unwilling to compromise on his demands for a border wall and changes to immigration laws. The remarks sparked outrage on both sides of the aisle. Here’s a timeline of Mr Trump’s comments on immigrants from Africa, Latin America and Haiti: Jan. 7, 2018 In a White House meeting about immigration, Mr Trump is reportedly heard saying: “Why do we want all these people from’shithole countries’? The Washington Post reports that the remark was made in response to suggestions that Haiti could be a potential “shithole”. After the comment is reported in the media, Ms Pelosi tells CNN that she will make it part of her campaign to impeach the President. Jan. 9, 2018 Ms Pelosi calls for Congress to pass bipartisan immigration legislation that would include protections for so-called Dreamers – undocumented migrants brought into the US illegally as children.

It’s a day that is not often repeated in the history of Manchester United. The Red Devils are flying high. They are undefeated, they are top of the league, and after a few weeks of struggling at the start of the season, Sir Alex Ferguson’s men are in the position that they always expected them to be in. There was a time, just two years ago, when the Old Trafford faithful were talking about how this might be their first trophyless season since the 1958-59 season. And yet here they are, 11 games into the campaign, and looking as strong as ever. In the Premier League at least, Manchester United have rediscovered the form that saw them dominate the game in the early years of the century.

But the same can’t be said of their manager. Despite starting off well, Ferguson’s side have slumped in the last couple of months. In the last five games in all competitions, they have won only once. As a result, they are now eight points behind leaders Chelsea. It is a situation that Sir Alex has never been in before. In his 26 years at the helm, this is the first time his team has failed to win the title.

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